A Historical Perspective

Architecturally and historically "The Century House Inn", in McCloud, California ranks amoung the most important in all of Siskiyou County. Built in 1903 by The McCloud River Lumber Company the building is a landmark in McCloud history. The Town of McCloud was established in 1897 by the McCloud River Lumber Company, the entire town was owned and operated by the "Company" affectionately known as "Mother McCloud" by her employees. If you needed something repaired or a light bulb changed you just called and "Mother McCloud" would fix it. http://www.acceptchecksnow.com/guaranteedchecks.htm The building functioned as a hospital for the town and surrounding areas till the early 1960's when the lumber mill, the railroad, the town, and the building were sold to U. S. Plywood Company who then sold off everything but the lumber mill. The present owners purchased the building in 1995 and began restoration of the beautiful "Craftsman Style" Building.

The Century House Inn, formerly the McCloud Hospital Circa 1904

The Century House Inn

Bed & Breakfast Lodging

McCloud, CA

The McCloud River Lumber Company Mill
McCloud mill pond full of logs
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