Benefits of Tea Bags And Used Tea Bags Too!!!

Tea is the world's second most favoritebeverage after water. The popularity of tea has multiplied in the recent years because more and more people have realized the innumerable benefits that this product has. Drinking a cup of well -made tea according to your personal preferences can refresh you along with providing you several health benefits too. All this and more is possible if you consider using Tea Bags . Carrying tea leaves, brewing, filtering and then making tea seems like a cumbersome method after a hard day's work or when you are in a rush in the morning hours. Tea bags are natural alternatives, simple to carry and very convenient to use and even simpler to disposeof, unlike the traditional loose-leaf teas.If you use a tea bag, you can utilizeyour time more judiciously for other worksimultaneously rather than focussing entirelyongetting yourself a cup teato drink.

Apart from the ease of convenience for use, tea bags have health, beautyand a host of otherbenefits too. Check out a few of these wonderful and amazing benefits that will make you a permanent and happy tea bag user.

Green tea bagsfor health andyouthfulnessDrinking a couple of cups of green tea every daywill keep your energy levels high, you will feel more active and it does wonders for your skin and hair too because of the high anti-oxidant content in it.

Relief from burns Sunburnt skin can be very painful and difficult to treat. In this situation applying a few soaked tea bags to the affected areas will cool the skin and even remove the sting. For more intense burns all over the body, soaking in a bathtub along with some teabags will soothe the skin. Apart from being effective for sunburnt skin, this treatment is very effective forminor burns that one most often experiences while working in the kitchen.

Remedy for bleeding gums

Bleeding gums which aretheresultof an injury or a pulled-out tooth can be treated very effectively by putting a wet and chilled tea bag on the affected part. This will not only provide relief from the pain but will also help to stop the bleeding.

Acts as a tenderizer

If have to tenderize a piece of tough meat for your dinner tonight, it is the handy tea bag that is once again going to come to your rescue. All you have to do is steep about 4 tea bags for about 5-7 mins and pour the dark black liquid over your seasoned and marinate meat and cook as usual. Voila! Your tasty dinner is ready.

Excellent wood and floor cleaner 

Just steep a couple of teabags in some boiling water and used this freshly brewed and cooled liquid to give your wood a nice dark sheen and your floors a bright and clean sparkle.

For your garden  

Watering plants with some freshly brewed tea instead of plain water occasionally will give them a greener, luxurious and lush appearance. You can also sprinkle some tea dust from tea bags into your pots once in a while. This will act asmulch for your plants, especially for your rose plants.


Reuse old tea bags

Tea bags even after being used once have several uses which are extremely useful. handy and effective too.

Treatment for acne

Wiping your face with a used green tea bag regularly can effectively reduce pimples and acne. It acts on the skin like a toner and some of the antibacterialproperties of tea help get rid of unwanted bacteria on the skin which isthemaincause of acne.

Effective mouthwash

After you have enjoyed your morning cup of tea, you can reuse your tea bags and make an effective mouthwash. Steep the tea bags once again and you the cooled water to rinse your mouth after meals and before you go to bed. It effectively stops the growth of oral bacteria that causedecay and bad breath.

Your kitchen companions

Used tea bags are useful cleaners especiallyto get rid of stubborn stains and grease on kitchen counters, floors, windows, glasses etc. It is also effective to use on wooden surfaces too. Just remember to wipe off after use to prevent permanent stains. Putting used tea bags in your refrigerator can keep unwanted odors at bay and leave it a fresh fragrance each time you open the door.

Help make plant compost

Used organic tea bags which are made of eco-friendly materials are excellent to use while making plant compost for your plants. Tea leaves in the tea bags help speedupthe compost making process by hastening the decomposition process.

Reduce the size of skin warts and tags

Applying used warm tea bags overwartsand tea bags several times a day can cause them to shrink. This mainly happens due to the presence of tannins in the tea. The antibacterialproperties act effectively onwartsand help get ridof them over a period oftime.